More About Prayers That Count

Prayers that count was conceived after the revelation that thousands of Christians on a daily basis are constantly looking for the right way to not only pray but the right prayer points to pray and get results.

In the Bible, the master Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and searching through the scriptures, we discover that there are several prayer points and different people prayed as it pertains to them.


Someone might ask, what are prayers that count? Does it mean some prayers don’t count? What is the count all about?

Now, look at it this way. When you are sick, you go to see a doctor who recommends some lab tests for you to run so you can get the diagnosis of what is actually wrong with you. Without proper diagnosis, the right medication cannot be administered and if that is not done, you cannot get well no matter how expensive the drugs are.

That’s exactly how it is with prayers. Prayers are like cheques. You get what you write on them so your results are dependent on what you are praying about. Prayers that count is trying to give you a hint about what you should pray about when you are in certain situations and don’t to pray.

We want you to know how to channel your prayers when encountering certain challenges and issues of life and get the right answer. Praying the right prayers that get you the answers you want is the prayers that count.

Who Runs Prayers That Count?

Prayers that count is run by a group of Christians who are sharing prayer points on daily basis based on the experiences of other Christians and what is working for them.

For further inquiries, use our contact form. You can use the testimony form to send us your testimonies if you have been blessed by the prayer points.